Astrophiz 92: Dr Ivo Seitenzahl – Optical Tomography of Type Ia Supernova Remnants


Astrophiz 92:  Dr Ivo Seitenzahl ~ Optical Tomography in Type Ia Supernova remnants.

Today’s featured guest is originally from Germany and is now a Future Fellow in the School of Science at the University of New South Wales in Canberra. He has developed an amazing new technique for visualising type Ia Supernova remnants using optical tomography. Ivo introduces us to his new technique using optical telescope integral field spectrograph data to analyse the different elements present in the remnants and the effects of shocks and reverse shocks.

Our regular feature “What’s Up Doc” for Astrophotographers and Observers is presented by Dr Ian Musgrave, where he tells us what to look for in the night and morning skies for the next two weeks, and in ‘Ian’s Tangent for this episode, he tells us about cheese and the Moon.

In the news:

.1. Listen to the Insight Lander Seismograph recording of a Marsquake.

.2. Icecube Collaboration traces a single high energy neutrino back to it’s host galaxy where a jet-jet collision produced the neutrino.

.3. Dr Jim Palfreyman puts us right on the logic of having our seasons change on the first of the month, rather than on the solstices and equinoxes.

Next Episode: Dr Jim Palfreyman “How he detected a glitch in the Vela pulsar and how that led to a new understanding of the internal structure of Pulsars.


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