Astrophiz is an astronomy podcast that keeps you up to date with the latest research in Astrophysics, Radio Astronomy, Optical Astronomy (and occasionally Particle Physics).

From Faraday to SKA.
In our earliest episodes we trace the development of radio astronomy and the  impact of Faraday’s experiments, Maxwell’s Equations, Marconi, and the invention of radar on the science of radio astronomy. We see echoes of this early history in later episodes when we hear about whole buildings encased in Faraday cages in remote Australia to prevent stray EM radiation impacting on the SKA pre-cursor, the Murchison Wide-field Array of ‘spider’ dipole antennae.

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Astrophiz is free, not-for-profit and self-sponsored. Our aim is to build community understanding of science in general and astrophysics in particular by interviewing a diverse range of astrophysicists, radio astronomers, space scientists, astrophotographers, aurora hunters, particle physicists and project managers.

Your hosts:
Brendan O’Brien
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Email Brendan: oscience2006-at-gmail.com
Dr Ian Musgrave tells night sky observers and astrophotographers ‘What’s  up Doc?’ and what to look for in the sky over the coming weeks, and he explains astronomical phenomena in ‘Ian’s Tangent’. Ian’s fabulous Astroblog has weekly observation notes and charts.