Astrophiz Production Policies

Our Policies reflect our aim to produce ethical content for the Astrophiz astronomy podcasts which reflect the fact that minority and under-represented groups and individuals need to be respected and heard so science and wider communities can benefit from the richness that diversity brings to the table.

Diversity Policy: We always strive to promote researchers at all career stages, from undergrads, PhD candidates, post-docs though to tenured academics and those who have enjoyed careers in industry. We take particular pride in promoting those who are often under-represented in the Astronomy-related professional and amateur communities according to gender, orientation, age, race & nationality. tick

Harassment Policy: We only attend conferences with well constructed, communicated and enforced harassment and diversity policies. We delete interviews with guests who contravene harassment policies of conferences and institutions. tick Yep, had to delete Ep 21

Confidentiality Policy: When invited to attend conferences we absolutely respect the privacy and confidentiality surrounding both researchers and their research. We are aware that many journals have strict guidelines about pre-publication of results in the media. We never publish without prior approval of individuals cited in our episodes.tick

Unsponsorship Policy: The Astrophiz Astronomy podcast is self-funded and ad-fee / commercial-free. We will never accept sponsorship from dodgy organisations/corporations.
Note: Potential Sponsors like NASA, ESO, ESA, ASTRON, CSIRO, CAASTRO, ICRAR, Big Pharma, The Illuminati, The Bilderbergers, The Club of Rome – Cashed up anti-vaxxers who are simply in it to sell their shonky ‘supplements’ , just send us your $$$, and we’ll promise not to mention your name 😉 tick

Two episodes/month.
Episode 1 = Interview with respected astrophysicist, astronomer, space scientist or particle physicist.
Episode 2 = Dr Ian ‘astroblog’ Musgrave’s Monthly SkyGuide  tells observers and astrophotographers what to look for in the morning and night skies, and in ‘Ian’s Tangent’ he tells us astronomical stories of discovery.

Our historical/hysterical 1st episode was launched on 28 June 2016.
Published fortnightly, usually runs for 40-60mins.