Prof Steven Tingay ‘ICRAR, MRO & the SKA’ – “Building the world’s biggest radio telescope”


Astrophiz 66: Professor Steven Tingay, ICRAR, the MRO and the SKA.
This episode features a fabulous interview with John Curtin Distinguished Professor Steven Tingay, who is the Deputy Executive Director of ICRAR and leads the Curtin University node of ICRAR. ICRAR is the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research. Whilst with ICRAR, he was also the Director of the $50M Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) project, the fully operational precursor radio telescope for the Square Kilometre Array which is already producing some astonishing SKA science

In our regular segment for astrophotographers and observers, Dr Ian ‘Astroblog’ Musgrave presents ‘What’s Up Doc?’  where he tells us what’s up in the evening, night and morning skies for the next two weeks. In this episode he tells us about the planets currently visible to the naked eye, and Comet 21P now visible in binoculars, and for asteroid hunters he explains about  about the Yarkovsky effect and a great example as detected by Guy Wells and Daniel Bamberger at Northolt Branch Observatory

In the News: 
  1. AI machine learning algorithm discovers new FRBs in old data
  2. Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell awarded A$4.2 million dollar breakthrough Initiative Prize and donates it to support under-represented research students instead of buying a Ferrari.
Next Episode: Doug Ingram ‘DSLR Astrophotography 201′

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