Astrophiz 65: Dr Andrew Cameron ‘Extreme Binary Pulsars & FAST’

65Andrew copy

Astrophiz 65: Dr Andrew Cameron – Extreme relativistic binaries

This episode features an extended interview with a pulsar radio astronomer, Dr Andrew Cameron, who was awarded his Doctorate from the  Max Planck Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics and the University of Bonn. Andrew has just returned from China where he is working with  the world’s largest instrument, the FAST radio telescope. It’s a massive Five Hundred Metre Spherical Telescope, and currently holds the record for the largest single-dish radio telescope in the world. He also uses the Parkes radio telescope for his pulsar research, and explains an exciting new pulsar search technique.
In our regular segment for astrophotographers and observers, Dr Ian “Astroblog’ Musgrave presents ‘What’s Up Doc?  where he tells us what’s up in the evening, night and morning skies for the next two weeks. In this episode he tells us about the planets currently visible to the naked eye, and for Aurora Hunters who recently enjoyed an unexpected visit from ‘the lady’ Ian explains the ongoing mystery of ‘Steve’, how the name originated and how the previous explanation of this intriguing phenomena was completely wrong, and citizen science may provide some answers.
 In the News: 
  1. Most distant galaxy discovered by the Gemini Observatory at 12.5B LY 
  2. Ruby Payne-Scott’s obituary finally in the NY Times

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