Astrophiz 52: Dr Emily Petroff ~ FRB Hunter Extraordinaire

A window into the cosmic past

Today we are at FRB2018 speaking with Dr Emily Petroff who is a Post-doc Researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy in Dwingeloo.
Hosted at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne and sponsored by CAASTRO, this conference was dedicated to the still mysterious Fast Radio Bursts and attracted FRB researchers from all over the world. Among the first to conduct diagnostic research into FRBs and Perytons, Emily presented her most recent research at the conference and gives us a fascinating insight into this ongoing cosmic mystery.

For observers and astrophotographers Dr Ian Musgrave gives us ‘What’s Up Doc’ and tells us what to look for in our morning and evening skies. He tells us how to observe some of Jupiter’s moons visible to the naked eye. In ‘Ian’s tangent’ he challenges us to use Calsky or Heavens-above websites to observe the ‘disco ball in the sky’ Humanity Star.

In the news:
* Earliest signals from the very first stars detected by a simple antenna at the Murchison Radio Observatory Quiet Zone.
* Iconic Arecibo Observatory saved from destruction

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