Episode 53: Kirsten Banks ~ Indigenous Astronomer


In this episode we are speaking with astrophysicist and Indigenous Astronomer Kirsten Banks who is the Indigenous Astronomy Educator at the Sydney Observatory. She is a multiple award winner and CSIRO STEM Award finalist. We wish her the best as a nominee and hope to see her name in lights when the winners are announced next month. https://soundcloud.com/astrophiz/astrophiz-53-kirsten-banks

For observers and astrophotographers Dr Ian Musgrave gives us ‘What’s Up Doc’ and tells us what to look for in our morning and evening skies. What planets, galaxies and nebula to look for, what occultations are happening, and in Ian’s Tangent, we talk about the demise of Tiangong I and when and where it may fall to earth.

In the News:
1. A brief tribute to Prof Stephen Hawking
2. All galaxies take the same time to rotate
3. The brightest FRB is discovered by ICRAR/Parkes/Swinburne team

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