Astrophiz 158: Ana Maria Delgado – Machine Learning & Galaxy Halos


Today you will be hearing a wonderful story from Ana Maria Delgado and her entry into Science and the Arts and some of her highlights as an inspiring ‘career changer’ who is an accomplished astrophysicist, cosmologist, coder and PhD researcher.
Ana Maria is a CUNY (City University of New York) Alumnus and now a Harvard Astronomy graduate and PhD student who is using her novel machine learning techniques on supercomputers to clarify our understandings of dark matter halos around massive galaxies.
Ana Maria’s career began as a photography teacher and then as a Special Education teacher in NY Public Schools. You will hear about her student-inspired career change which involved her first Degree in physics at CUNY and followed by her innovative PhD research which is coupled with her collaborations on *CAMELS projects involving galaxy evolution simulations with over 100 billion particles and fluid elements.
This is a fabulously inspiring interview you are guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy.

* CAMELS = Cosmology and Astrophysics with MachinE Learning Simulations

CAMELS is a gigantic collection of different Universes, each with a different cosmology and different astrophysics. The simulations of the CAMELS project are run using supercomputers at New York and San Diego using thousands of cores for months.

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