Astrophiz 147: Dr Ian Musgrave’s May SkyGuide

Enjoy your regular monthly treat for all naked-eye celestial observers, telescopers, and astrophotographers from @IanfMusgrave, amateur astronomer, molecular pharmacologist and toxicologist.
Ian gives us the dates of the moon phases and the best times to observe planets, clusters and deep sky objects. A special treat that is worth getting up early for is the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on May 1st, and hear about further opportunities during May to observe planetary lineups in the morning skies as well as seeing a meteor shower provide by debris from Halley’s Comet.

In Ian’s Tangent, he continues his theme to discuss the diverse naming of celestial objects, in this case the way the different cultures from both hemispheres have contributed to the naming and re-naming of stars and constellations.
In doing so, we give a special shoutout to Krystal DeNapoli and Karlie Noon who have just release their book on Indigenous Astronomy ‘Sky Country’.
Highly recommended.

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