Astrophiz 129: Dr Ian ‘Astroblog’ Musgrave’s July SkyGuide

For astrophotographers or naked eye observers with or without telescopes and/or binoculars, Ian gives us a comprehensive guide on what to look up for the month of July, and Venus beaming brightly in the NW twilight is just one of the wonders that awaits our gaze this month.
In Ian’s July Tangent he gives the inside story on Seal Telescopes (yes, you read that correctly)
A bonus for those in the Southern Hemisphere, winter has arrived, the night skies are crisper with much less dust in the air and cooler air means much less thermal distortion, so it’s a brilliant idea to rug up and step outside with friends and family to share the celestial wonders overhead.
Also shoutouts to @SpaceAusDotCom

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