Astrophiz 109: Dr Thea Kozakis – Exoplanet Biosignatures

Astrophiz 109: Dr Thea Kozakis – Fingerprinting Exoplanets

Dr Thea Kozakis is a pioneering researcher who is a NASA Space Grant recipient and postdoc researcher at the Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University, soon she is moving to Europe and starting a postdoctoral position at the Technical University of Denmark with their exoplanet group.

In this fabulous episode, Thea explains her techniques to study the atmospheres of exoplanets, biosignature modelling and detection.

With new instruments constantly coming online, Thea’s work is a boon for the exciting field of exoplanet research.

We give our usual shoutout to Dr Ian Musgrave and his Astroblogger blog for observers and astrophotographers, to Rami Mandow at SpaceAustralia DOT com and to Dr Ángel López-Sánchez and Kirsten Banks at the Skyentists podcast.

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