Astrophiz 45: Dr. Ángel  López-Sánchez ‘Gravitational Waves & Neutron Stars’


This week will be remembered as the ‘first light’ of the emerging science of Gravitational Wave Astronomy. To explain this breakthrough we speak with research astronomer, science communication and outreach officer Dr. Ángel  López-Sánchez from the AAO, the Australian Astronomical Observatory, which played a key role in detecting and verifying radio wavelength observations of the neutron star ‘Kilonova’ collision which sent both electromagnetic waves and gravitational waves from this nearby event 130 million years ago.

Then for observers and astrophotographers we cross to Adelaide to speak with Dr Ian Musgrave to discover ‘What’s Up Doc’ … what’s up in the morning and evening sky and in ‘Ian’s Tangent’ he gives us the skinny on the recent ring system discovery and the fine prospects of catching some Orionid Meteors from Halley’s Comet this year.

In the news: There is no other news this week! It’s wall to wall Gravity Waves and Neutron Star Kilonovae and how your bling was created. Enjoy!

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