Astrophiz 37: Robert Arrowsmith ‘The 8 metre Dish’ + Dr Ian Musgrave ‘What’s Up Doc’

In this episode we’re celebrating our first 12 months of Astrophiz, where we have published 37 episodes, and it looks like our diversity and social media policies are working well, for we’ve featured 15 male and 22 women astrophysicists, astronomers, NASA rocket scientists, particle physicists, mission scientists and instrument scientists from the UK, Spain, India, Norway, Japan, Russia, Romania, Germany, Canada, the US and Australia and had well over 9000 downloads to listeners in more than 50 countries. 
For our special anniversary episode, we are re-interviewing our very first guest, Robert Arrowsmith from Melbourne, Australia, who is now leading the construction of an 8 meter radio telescope for the Astronomical Society of Victoria. 
Rob is one of the leaders in the Radio-Astronomy arm of the ASV and in Episode #1 he described the work being done at the ASV Leon Mow Radio Observatory, which is located in a RF quiet zone site about 90 minutes north of Melbourne in SE Australia
In our regular astrophotography and observations segment, Dr Ian ‘Astroblog’ Musgrave tells us what to look for in the night sky and reports on ideal viewing conditions for Saturn and Mercury. In ‘Ian’s Tangent’ he tells us about a very rare discovery where a white dwarf and a brown dwarf are dancing in a very closely orbiting binary star system called a cataclysmic variable.
Next Episode: Richard Stephenson from the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex explains the technologies he uses to talk with Spacecraft like Cassini and the Voyagers.

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