Astrophiz 36 – Danielle DeLatte ~ ‘It’s Rocket Science’ + Dr Ian Musgrave’s ‘What’s Up Doc’

A36b copy

Our feature interview is with Danielle DeLatte who is a PhD Student in Aeronautics & Astronautics, University of Tokyo. Danielle is an aerospace engineer who has worked  at NASA Goddard as part of the Satellite Servicing Projects Division working on instruments for the Canada arm on the ISS. (Primarily on the SSPD mission,  and contributed to a few others). She runs ISU Space Cafe Tokyo, a monthly public space talk in Shimokitazawa where the themes range from space science/engineering to space policy and business strategies. Follow @DanielleDeLatte on Twitter

In our regular observing and astrophotography segment Dr Ian ‘Astroblog’ Musgrave tell us what’s up in the night sky this week, and how we are starting to discover ringed exoplanets. Follow @ianfmusgrave on Twitter and Astroblog

In the news this week: 
The ‘Wow signal’, and how it was probably not caused by a comet


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