Episode 10 – Dr Elizabeth Tasker debunks ‘Habitability’ claims for Proxima Centauri b

Eliz10 copy

This Week:

Dr Elizabeth Tasker debunks ‘habitability’ claim for Proxima Centauri b, and explains exactly what little we know about this nearby exoplanet.

Dr Nadezhda Cherbakov explains the ‘Radio Window’ PartII and for Aurora Hunters she plays the sounds of Jupiter’s Auroras from NASA’s Juno mission.

Dr Ian (Astroblog) Musgrave  features in ‘What’s Up Doc?’ where he tells us what to look for in the sky this week, and in ‘Ian’s Tangent’ he tells us about the likely origins of the famous SETI ‘WOW! Signal’

In the news: NASA’s JUNO pics of Jupiter’s North Pole, Worst Science ‘journalism’ Ever, Brightest Magnetar detected, NASA designs sub to send to Titan, Another ‘Dyson Sphere’ star detected

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