Astrophiz 116: Dr Ian Musgrave’s Nov/Dec SkyGuide

Astrophiz 116: Dr Ian ‘Astroblogger’ Musgrave’s November/December SkyGuide


A monthly treat for naked eye observers, telescopers and astrophotographers.
Dr @ianfmusgrave gives us his fabulous guide to what to observe in the morning & evening skies for the four weeks including when and where you can catch some wonderful planetary action, a penumbral moon some annual meteor showers
In ‘Ian’s Tangent’ this month he give us a great insight into how we now know how dark, and  ‘fluffy’ comets are. Hint: Think Asphalt and Cappuccino froth
We include shoutouts to the usual suspects at @SpaceAustraliaDotCom aka @RamiMandow plus @TheSkyentisits Podcasters @El_Lobo_Rayado and @KirstenBanks


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