Episode 34 – Dr. Anthony Horton – “Huntsman” & “Space-Eye” + Dr. Ian Musgrave’s ‘What’s Up Doc’

Image Credits: A. Horton/NASA

Our feature interview is with Dr. Anthony Horton – Instrument Scientist at the AAO who tells us all about life as an Instrument Scientist for AAO and the Huntsman Telescope and the Space-Eye CubeSat telescope project. (Follow @vacant3rdman on Twitter)

In our regular Astrophotography and observing feature, Dr Ian ‘astroblog’ Musgrave gives us the skinny on the great current conditions for observing our Gas Giants.
(Follow @ianfmusgrave on Twitter)

In the News:
1. Vale Harold Weaver, 99, discoverer of Masers in space.
2. Renegrade Supermassive Black Hole hunted down
3. The smallest (oxymoronic) Supermassive Black Hole
4. The first image of a black hole (almost)

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