Astrophiz 162: Dr Manisha Caleb ~ Unravelling FRB Mysteries

Meet an amazing researcher and astrophysicist Dr Manisha Caleb …


Manisha has used the world’s most powerful instruments to unlock the secrets of some of the most powerful and puzzling objects in our known universe.

For her PhD she took a very deep dive and most productive research program into the phenomena of Fast Radio Bursts using the MOST and Parkes radio telescopes, and along the way, helped refurbish and reconfigure the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope situated not far from Canberra in Australia.

Since then, her post-doc took her to Manchester and the famous Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank and further FRB discoveries using Jodrell facilities and the MeerKat SKA precursor array in South Africa. Now back in Australia, Manisha continues her FRB quest and recently discovered a new class of slowly spinning neutron stars, and soon she also begins lecturing in Physics at the University of Sydney.

In this episode we hear about Manisha’s discoveries and the very latest updates on Fast Radio Bursts and their still mysterious origins. 

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