Astrophiz155: Dr Ian Musgrave’s September SkyGuide

Enjoy your regular monthly treat of viewing tips for all naked-eye celestial observers, telescopers, and astrophotographers from Dr @IanfMusgrave, amateur astronomer, molecular pharmacologist and toxicologist. 

Listen: https://soundcloud/astrophiz/astrophiz155-september-skyguide
Ian gives us all the viewing highlights for our morning and evening skies and the dates to observe Jupiter’s beautiful Galilean moons and their shadows passing over Jupiter’s surface and for binocular observers, when to catch Jupiter’s moons strung out like a stunning string of pearls all on one side of our magnificent gas giant.

In Ian’s tangent we hear about variable stars including the recent exceptional behaviour of Betelgeuse, and how historical records show both brightness and colour of stars like Betelgeuse and Antares can display dramatic changes.Enjoy!

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