Astrophiz 149: Dr Ian Musgrave’s June SkyGuide

Enjoy your regular monthly treat for all naked-eye celestial observers, telescopers, and astrophotographers from Dr @IanfMusgrave, amateur astronomer, molecular pharmacologist and toxicologist.
Ian gives us the dates of the moon phases and the best times to observe planets, clusters and deep sky objects.
Morning skies continue to be a treat worth getting up early for, and Saturn begins to be visible low in the East in evening skies by mid-June, but is still best for telescopic viewing high in the morning skies for a while.
In Ian’s Tangent, he continues his theme to discuss the diverse naming of celestial objects, in this case the way we may be over-hyping and creating misleading expectations in new sky observers with the over-use of terms like ‘Supermoons’.
A great and thoughtful listen for June. Thanks Ian

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