Astrophiz136: Jake Clark ExoplanetHunter Pt2

Today we bring you the promised Part Two of our interview with Amazing Fulbright Scholar and accomplished exoplanet hunter Jake Clark. 
Since Jake’s August interview, he has moved to the US to continue his PhD research with Dr Natalie Hinkel of Hypatia Catalogue fame.
Here in Part 2 of Jake’s Interview, we hear how he looked at 47,000 stars from the GALAH, TESS and Gaia data releases and found that over a third of those stars could host rocky earth-like planets and how Jake has helped discover 12 new exoplanets.
We hear how the spectral signatures of stars can give us a variety of different chemical abundance ratios and thus give us an idea of what sort of rocky worlds we can expect to find orbiting those stars.
Fantastic Science!

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