Astrophiz 99: Karlie Alinta Noon ~ Indigenous astronomy & Milky Way Accretion

KarlieAstrophiz copy

Karlie Alinta Noon has just completed her Master’s degree in radio astronomy looking at gas accretion onto the Milky Way and is a Indigenous Heritage Officer with the Federal Department of Environment & Energy in Canberra, Australia.
EDIT: She is now a PhD student at the ANU & Superstar of STEM 2021. 

Karlie is a Gamilaraay astrophysicist, animal lover, greeny & gamer grl with a rich background in science communication including a stint working with the CSIRO. Karlie is the first Indigenous student on the east coast to obtain a double degree in Maths and Science and also the first aboriginal person to graduate with a Masters of Astronomy and Astrophysics Advanced Degree from the Australian National University.

**In the sky for observers and astrophotographers:**

Our regular feature ‘What’s Up Doc’ is with Dr Ian ‘Astroblog’ Musgrave. He previews the excellent observing opportunities over the next two weeks, and he gives us a the latest news on Betelgeuse and it’s suite of variability rhythms

**In the News:**

More FRB News.  For the first time, astronomers from CHIME have found a fast radio burst (FRB) that repeats on a regular cycle.

Every 16.35 days, the FRB signal named FRB 180916.J0158+65 repeats in a predictable pattern. For four days, it will spit out a burst or two every hour. Then it falls silent for 12 days. Then the whole thing repeats.

 Next …

Since SETI has become mainstream (and some will say it always was) with the VLA and Parkes joining in the search, a couple of new updates are worth mentioning. First, Interstellar Comet Boris has been interrogated extensively, and no technosignatures have been been found.

For those who want to join in from home and donate some spare CPU cycles on you home computer, UC Berkley has been running a data search called SETI@home.
It’s another great citizen science project anyone can contribute to. Just google SETI@Home.

Finally, on the same theme …

Two days ago Breakthrough Listen released 2 petabytes of data from SETI survey of the Milky Way. The data looks at nearby stars that could see Earth transiting sun and Breakthrough Listen is inviting the public to search the data for signals from intelligent civilizations.

To join in, use your fav search engine to search for “Breakthrough Listen released 2 petabytes of data”

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