Astrophiz 97: Holiday Double Header #1 ‘Best of’ 2019 Reprised ~ Dr Ashley Ruiter & Steve Olney

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Over the holiday season we are taking a break, and we are producing a couple of ‘Holiday Specials’ where we reprise some episodes as ‘double headers’ where we provide 2 feature interviews from our 2019 playlist. We have stripped out Dr Ian Musgrave’s ‘What’s Up’ segment and my ‘In the News’ segment, giving you two uninterrupted interviews.

In this reprised episode we have interviews with Dr Ashley Ruiter – Supernova scientist and Steve Olney – Amateur Radio Astronomer.

Dr Ashley Ruiter is ARC Future Fellow and senior lecturer in the School of Science at UNSW Canberra, Australia. She specializes in Type Ia supernovae and other transient phenomena from stars, in particular their origin, evolution history, and birth rates. Basically she researches anything that erupts, explodes, or merges, and also make predictions about which of these sources may be seen with gravitational waves using LISA. Dr Ruiter is currently looking for graduates to work under her supervision. Prospective PhDs can find out about this opportunity at TinyUrl-Dot-Com/ashleyastro

Our second reprised  interview features Steve Olney who has established the Hawkesbury Radio Astronomy Observatory in his backyard.  Steve has constructed a Yagi antenna array, coupled it with a receiver and observed a pulsar 900 LY away and generated data that has enabled him to be the only person on the planet to observe Vela’s 2019 glitch in radio waves as it happened.

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