Astrophiz 63: Prof Lisa Harvey-Smith

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Astrophiz 63: Prof Lisa Harvey-Smith ~ When Galaxies CollidE

This episode features one of the icons of modern astronomy, Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith,  Astronomy researcher, author and presenter of ABC television’s Stargazing Live. She uses the world’s largest radio telescopes to study the life cycle of stars and develops new world-leading precursor telescopes building the Square Kilometre Array. We find out how she left school at 11 and now has a Doctorate in radio astronomy and Masters in Physics with Honours in Astronomy & Astrophysics. She has scores of refereed journal papers to her name and her First book: “When Galaxies Collide” was launched yesterday and you can order the paperback or digital version from Melbourne University Press. She has won the Eureka Prize and CSIRO Chairman’s Medal and runs a popular international astronomy distance learning course.

Then Dr Ian “Astroblog’ Musgrave presents his regular segment ‘What’s Up Doc?  where he tells us what’s up in the evening, night and morning skies for the next two weeks. In this episode he tells us about the four planets currently visible to the naked eye, Mars opposition is still a good sight, the Perseid Meteor shower is great in Northern Latitudes and the sad demise of the Iridium Satellite fleet and the imminent loss of those lovely bright Iridium flares.

In the News: Congratulations to the CHIME/FRB collaboration for it’s fabulous discovery of a 400Mhz FRB whilst in the commissioning phase of this exciting new Canadian instrument.

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