Astrophiz 59: Dr Ian Musgrave ~ Astrophotography 101

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Astrophiz 59 Dr Ian Musgrave ~ Astrophotography 101

A full-length feature episode on astrophotography and astroimaging with Dr Ian Musgrave of Astroblogger fame. 

Ian is a University toxicology lecturer, amateur astronomer and astrophotographer, and he explains how to plan for a shoot, some worthwhile targets, some imaging software to try, and the sky visualisation softwares he uses. 

Then he presents his regular segment ‘What’s Up Doc?  where he tells us what’s up in the evening, night and morning skies for the next two weeks, and how, when and where to look to find the asteroid Vesta as a naked eye object.

In the news:

Mars Curiosity Rover discovers organics on Mars, and Mars methane levels are found to be seasonal, and we inch closer to a conclusion that life may be ubiquitous.

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Some of the URLs mentioned in this episode:
Telescope adaptors
Stacking programs
Planetarium programs
Image programs
Spacecraft Image files

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