Episode 54: ‘Pinpointing FRBs with Laura Driessen’

A window into the cosmic past
In this episode our feature interview is with Laura Driessen who is an astrophysicist and PhD candidate based at Manchester University who is working with the MeerTRAP team  using radio and optical data from the SKA precursor MeerKAT array to pinpoint the sources of mysterious Fast Radio Bursts.
For observers and astrophotographers Dr Ian Musgrave gives us ‘What’s Up Doc’ and he tells us what to look for in our morning and evening skies, what planets, galaxies and nebula to look for, what occultations are happening, strategies for imaging both faint and bright objects, and how various imaging and stacking softwares can be used to do this. We mention how sometimes Mars can be ‘ rediscovered’ and in Ian’s Tangent, we talk about the reasons for the premature demise of Humanity Star and the much anticipated re-entry of Tiangong I over the upcoming Easter Weekend, which coincides with a very rare second Blue Moon in one year.

In the News:

1. Launch preparations for the Parker Solar Probe
2. Brendan has a gentle dig at the Australian Space Agency & orders a t-shirt

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And check out Laura’s blog at Astrolaura.com and Ian’s Astroblog at astroblogger.blogspot.com.au

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