Episode 41: Dr Hayley Bignall ‘Scintillating Research’ & Dr Ian Musgrave ‘What’s Up Doc’


Today we are speaking with Dr Hayley Bignall. Hayley is an astrophysicist for Australia’s CSIRO in their Astronomy & Space Science Division. 

After her studies, she spent 5 yrs working at the Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe and is now based in Perth, Australia. After spending about 7 years at The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) at Curtin University, she joined CSIRO in 2016.
Hayley explains how a team she works with have made some fabulous discoveries about blazars and quasars and ‘scintillations’ in intergalactic space.

Dr Ian Musgrave in ‘What’s up Doc’ tells us what to look for in the morning and evening skies and explains how an occultation project lead to the discovery of a comet with a binary cross-section

In the News: Amazing new gravity wave source could be visible neutron stars rather then ‘invisible’ black holes. 

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