Astrophiz 27: Dr Amanda Bauer – Galactic Evolution & Sky Surveys

000Amanda27 Astrophiz 27 out now on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Our first feature interview after our fabulous break is with Dr Amanda Bauer, who has just been appointed as the new Head of Education and Public Outreach at the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope which is high up in the mountains in Chile in South America.
Amanda has worked at the Max Planck Institute and on the famous Sloan Digital Sky Survey and she now specialises in Galactic Evolution and Astronomical Outreach.

Dr Ian Musgrave in our regular feature, ‘What’s up Doc?’ tells us what to look for in the night sky this week using naked eye, binoculars or telescopes. Comet 45P and Vesta observations.

In the news:
Our milky way is being pushed and pulled around every which way, Orphan Black Holes and a ‘Red Nova’ predicted for 2022.

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