Astrophiz 21: DELETED – Prof Lawrence Krauss on Quantum, Dark Matter. Dr Cherbakov on Cosmological Redshift

KRAUSS21 copy copy

(Photo: Steve Payne)

Astrophiz 21 has been deleted due to our harassment policy

Professor Laurence Krauss at the Australian Skeptics Convention talks of Sc-fi, Quantum Mechanics, Matter, Anti-matter and Dark Matter, Black Holes and Hawking Radiation

Dr Nadezhda tells us about Henrietta Leavitt, Edwin Hubble and Cosmological Redshift

“What”s Up in the Sky this Week” for Northern and Southern Hemisphere Listeners

In the News:

The Hermes/Galah Galactic Archeology Survey, a Citizen Science project to observe 3 rapidly approaching comets, and the ICRAR Gleamoscope is now available to observe the sky in radio technicolours

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